Science School-Seminar for Youth

Dear colleagues!

We heartfully invite you to take part in International Science School-Seminar for Youth “Particle Beams, Plasma, Neutrons, Photons: Generation and Application”, which will be held within the Vth International Congress on Energy Fluxes and Radiation Effects (EFRE-2016) on October 2–7, 2016 in Tomsk, Russia.

The School-Seminar for Youth “EFRE-2016” connects undergraduate students, postgraduate students and young scientists, who wish to keep up with the latest trends in plasma beam technologies, modification of materials properties and coating application, pulsed power supply technologies and strong electron and ion beams, luminescence and radiation research, non-linear physicochemical processes under high-energetic impact and other relevant and urgent fields of research .

Following the results, the attendees will receive a certificate of advanced training.